The rustle of breathless excitement as ladies giggle and whisper behind their fans.    The glint of anticipation in an Elizabethan courtier's eyes as she bends to adjust her corset strings.

  A steaming hot burst of imagination tempered by cold steel, as a stark Victorian mind ponders cyber-aspirations. A shock, and eyes downcast as an ankle is inadvertently shown, hidden...and appears once more. A sip of warm bourbon behind a lacy handkerchief, and a flask tucked into a bodice between the goods on offer and that extra ace of spades. Evoking these sensory illuminations through the use of textiles, artist Virginia Davis creates functional fashion pieces that combine history, cultural verve, and the human desire for aesthetic beauty.

Midnight Breeze Designs specializes in professionally-made clothing of the Renaissance and Victorian eras, with occasional forays into other realms as well.   We are currently revising the entire website - for a quick look at Ready-to-Wear styles, please see our eBay listings under MIdnightBreezeDesigns.  Thank you!