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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's)

How does the ordering process work?

Order your selection and its options from the site. For a custom order, send me a message with your ideas, any photos, desired budget for your project, or anything else you'd like me to know. There are thousands of combinations of fabrics and trims available, and I have lots of favorite sources.  If you'd like to see fabrics in person before you decide, we'll arrange to mail swatches directly to you. We'll work together to decide the details, then I'll send you an invoice and add you to the production schedule.




How do I take my measurements?

Thanks for asking; this is very important for a well-fitting garment!  Historical clothes don't fit the same as modern ones, and modern sizes usually won't be helpful.  Actual measurements are much better, and should be taken with a flexible cloth measuring tape (not a construction ruler!) 
There are measuring charts here.  I won't necessarily need every measurement shown; I'll be happy to tell you which ones are necessary. To measure accurately, it maybe easier to have the help of a friend.  Pull the tape snug but not tight, and and read to the nearest half-inch. I'm happy to help if you have specific questions.




How long will my order take?

For individual orders, the wait time is generally around 8 weeks. I work on a strictly First In, First Out waiting list, and cannot generally accept rush orders. For larger parties such as weddings, we'll need 3-6 months notice at a minimum.

What is your returns policy?

Custom-made items are not refundable, but we do want happy customers.  If there's a problem, please let me know, and we'll find a solution.

How are payments made? Can partial-payments be arranged?

I send all invoices through Paypal - this allows you to use any major credit card securely, even if you aren't a member.  I never receive your card info.  If you'd like to arrange payments, I'm happy to do that, at whatever rate works for you. I will add you to the production schedule when at least 50% of your order is paid. Most people prefer 50% down and 50% on completion for major orders, and that arrangement works well.

If you don't like Paypal or credit cards, you're welcome to send a check or money order via regular mail, and we'll proceed as soon as it clears.

For wedding parties, we can invoice each member individually, or you can combine forces and send payment as a group. 

Please note:   Your deposit is non-refundable except in the most dire emergencies, so please consider carefully before ordering. I cannot ship any part of your order until the entire cost is paid.




How do you ship items?

In the continental United States, we use either USPS Priority Mail or UPS, your choice.  There's no additional fee for shipping.  For international orders, USPS Priority Mail has proven most dependable and economical.  We charge you the actual rate for international shipping, with no additional "handling fees."  I must enter correct information on the customs form, which means you may be liable for additional customs or duty fees in your own country.  I cannot legally mark this merchandise as a "gift", so please don't ask.




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