Stylized Renaissance Gown

3 Pieces - Bodice, Overskirt, Underskirt

  • Elongated Bodice nips in at the waist and flares over the hips for a flattering fit.
    • High neck in back, square front.
    • Fully lined, interlined, and boned.               
    • Laces in back and cuffs through metal grommets.
    • Many sleeve styles to choose from.  View available styles for selection HERE.
    • Metallic trim, moderate level.
    • Includes a cotton hoop skirt.
  • Bodice and overskirt in solid fancy fabrics - Cotton Velveteen, Satin Moire', Silk Dupioni .
  • Front Underskirt panel (Forepart) and front bodice panel (stomacher) can be made in any  patterned brocade - please choose your color, and we will send you some selections.  

Lady Colleen