5-Piece Full Elizabethan Cavalier Ensemble: Doublet, Paned Slops, Ruffled Shirt, 3/4 Circle Cape, Muffin Cap


  • Fabric is Shimmery, Elegant Dupioni Silk
  • Classic Elizabethan Doublet is lined and interlined to hold its shape.
  • Contrast Yoke, Standup Collar, Shoulder Epaulets, Lacing Front
  • Long Paned Sleeves end in Lacing Cuffs
  • Metallic Braid and Ribbon Trims
  • Paned Slops - Matching Fabrics, Trimmed Panes, Soft Cotton Inner Shorts
  • Matching 3/4 Cavalier Cape - Coordinating Satin Lining, Trimmed Collar, Rope Tie
  • Ruffled Cotton Shirt - Standup Collar, Button Front and Cuffs
  • Matching Trimmed Muffin Cap

Lord Cameron