Regal Tudor Lord Ensemble

 4-Pieces, from Basic to Opulent:

  1.  Greatcoat -  Velveteen, Brocade, Silk.
Fully lined  in coordinating satin, with faux fur or rich brocade for the collar and lapels.   Puffed sleeves with trimmed contrast panes.
Contrasting bands around the hem if desired.

​  2.   Doublet - Knee-length Tudor doublet of Elegant Silk Brocade, fully lined.  White silky puffs on chest front & sleeves are accented with high-quality, individually sewn faux pearls or glass beads.  We can substitute fancy trim if you prefer.
Long straight sleeves.  White silk ruffles at standup collar & wrists. 
Brass button/loop closure at front
  3.  Velveteen Knee Breeches
  4.  Velveteen Tudor Hat with Feathers

There are so many choices that we'll have to discuss everything!  Please give us a starting point, and we'll contact you for more details.

Lord Thomas