Regal Tudor Lord Ensemble

 4-Pieces, from Basic to Opulent:

  1.  Greatcoat -  Velveteen, Brocade, Silk.
Fully lined  in coordinating satin, with faux fur or rich brocade for the collar and lapels.   Puffed sleeves with trimmed contrast panes.
Contrasting bands around the hem if desired.

​  2.   Doublet - Knee-length Tudor doublet of Elegant Silk Brocade, fully lined.  White silky puffs on chest front & sleeves are accented with high-quality, individually sewn faux pearls or glass beads.  We can substitute fancy trim if you prefer.
Long straight sleeves.  White silk ruffles at standup collar & wrists. 
Brass button/loop closure at front
  3.  Velveteen Knee Breeches
  4.  Velveteen Tudor Hat with Feathers

There are so many choices that we'll have to discuss everything!  Please give us a starting point, and we'll contact you for more details.

Lord Thomas

Great Coat Fabric
Doublet Fabric
Primary Color
Metal Color
  • If you are not paying in full today, then a minimum 50% deposit is required in order to begin creating your garment.  The balance will be sent by invoice once the item has been finished. Please enter MYDEPOSIT in the Coupon Field when checking out in order to receive the initial 50% off of your purchase.

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