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Paper Bag Fun Facts

#3 Cardboard Boxes Are More Than 100 Years Old! The first cardboard shipping box was patented in 1903, whilst cardboard itself is even older - patented in 1856. it seems that customised boxes have plenty of story behind. #4 Apple's Secret.

  • A paper bag is a bag made of paper, usually kraft paper. Paper bags can be made either with virgin or recycled fibres to meet customers’ demands. Paper bags are commonly used as shopping carrier bags.

  • Paper bag

  • Facts about Paper and Paper Waste As we speak, more than 199 tons of paper has already been produced (paper production in 15 seconds). 324 liters of water is used to make 1 kilogram of paper. 10 liters of water is needed to make one piece of A4 paper. 93% of paper comes from trees. 50% of the waste of businesses is composed of paper.

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